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 P51666 - "Coral Reef"
 P51668 - "Evergreen"
 P51671 - "Victoria"
P51672 - "Mustonia" 
 P51682 - "Majessa"
P51689 - "Alphons"
P51690 - "Yaffle" 
P51691 - "KT-NAY"
 P51696 - "Galatea"
 P51704 - "Mahjong"
P51709 - "Genesis" 
P51710 - "Lady
 P51713 - "Lord
P51747 - "Lady Sara"
in the Box 
 P51757 - Sea Cadets
 P51763 - "Boat out
of Hell"
 P51771 - "Huggy"
P51778 - "Seahaze"
P51785 - "Shearwater "
P51797 - "Movin' On "
 P51806 - "Arran Pilot"
 P51812 - "Sea Spirit"
P51858 - Maritime
Volunteer Service
 P51859 - "Lady Sara"
Evesham River Festival 2010
This was my second year as Official Photographer to the River Festival, and for the first time I was in a position to be able to cover the Sunday events as well.   Unlike the previous year, the weather was dry and sunny for both days, and the turnout for the event on the Saturday evening felt like most the population of Evesham. 
In general, I was very pleased with the overall quality of the work that I produced, some of it obtained under less than ideal conditions.   The only activity which I felt my work was a failure was the flypast of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight C47 "Dakota"; my normal vantage point at the War Memorial turned out to be right under the aircraft's flight path, and I ended up with a lot of shots of the underside.
The "Planet Abba" photographs have their own collection in the "Performing Arts" Gallery.  When rebuilding this collection to my new site in 2011, I chose to only include photographs taken on the Saturday