Cropthorne Walkabout 2010
This is an event that I'd been intending to do for some years, but only got round to doing it in 2010.   I'm actually a former resident of the village, having lived there for the first five years of my life, before moving to Evesham, and this was only the second time in 35 years that I have returned to the village.
 P50937 -
 Flower Display
 P50942 -
 Flower Display
 P50943 - Cropthorne
 P50945 - Cropthorne
  P50947 - Cropthorne
P50950 - Waterfall
P50956 -
Cropthorne Court
P50957 - The Granary
  P50962 -
The Old Post Office
 P50963 - Birdtable,
South Lodge
 P50967 - South Lodge
 P50968 - Holland House
  P50971 - Statue,
 Brook House
 P50973 - Brook House
 P50976 - Pond,
Brook House
 P50980 - Frog Fountain,
 Columbary House
  P50983 - Columbary
 P50985 - Bank House
 P50986 - Austin
 P50990 - Prince Henry's
Jazz Band
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