LMS "Princess Coronation" class no. 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" at Kidderminster,
Severn Valley Railway Autumn Gala, 21st September, 2001
Camera : Minolta Dynax 505si
Lens : 70-300mm
Film : Fujicolor Superia ISO 400

Various modifications in PSP
As I mentioned earlier in the collection, I'd gone to this gala for a opportunity to see 6233 as this was one of its first engagements after its restoration had been completed.    I spent most of the day behind this locomotive, having transferred to its train at Hampton Loade from 42765.   This photograph was taken towards the end of the day, when it was a little quieter, and I could get a (reasonably) clear shot of the locomotive.
I did eventually managed to do a mainline tour behind 6233 in 2003; however I have decided not to reuse the shot that was on my Fotopic site of that tour at this stage as I don't think it was all that good.
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