P69322- LMS 6P Royal Scot Class no. 46100 Royal Scot, Severn Valley Railway - LMS Steam Locomotives

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LMS Class 6P no. 46100 Royal Scot
LMS 6P "Royal Scot" class no. 46100 "Royal Scot" at Kidderminster, Severn Valley Railway Autumn Gala 2015
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Date : 17th September, 2015
Photograph Reference : P69322
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 200
Exposure Time : 1/160sec
Aperture : F7.1
Focal Length : 50mm
Modifications : RAW Modified

This was taken on the first day of the gala, with 46100 hauling the  first departure from Kidderminster of the day (with appropriate carriage stock).   At this point, the sun was out, and in a very  thoughtful move on somebody's part, the train was diagrammed to depart from platform 2, so photographs could take advantage of the  prevailing lighting conditions.  
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