Spring Vintage Show 2011
This was the first Ashdown Farm event of the year, and I attended on the Saturday morning.   It is also the first new work to appear on this site.
I have to say that I was rather disappointed by this event.   There didn't appear to be a great deal going on, there was no real effort in matching exhibits to brochure entries, and I had to use some deduction to work out what was what.   Perhaps it would have been better if I'd gone on the Sunday or the Monday (as I suspect some of the exhibits may have arrived after I left), but family commitments prevented me from doing the former, and I'd planned to use the latter to get the photographs onto this site.   In the end, I only spent an hour and a half at the event, so had the rest of the Saturday to sort out the photographs (in some respects, this may have worked to my advantage, as I've only had a couple of dozen photographs to work through, rather than a couple of hundred!) .    In hindsight, I can't help wondering if my time could have been better spent doing something else. 
easter_vintage_show_2011001002.gif easter_vintage_show_2011001001.gif
 P53208 - AZP S-60
Anti-Aircraft Gun
 P53209 - Green Goddess
Fire Engine
 P53211 - Humber Sceptre
 P53212 - Triumph
 P53213 - Standard
 Vanguard 6 Estate
 P53214 - Buick Le Sabra
 P53215 - David Brown
 P53216 - Wallis
 and Steevens Roller
  P53218 - Eddison
Living Van
 P53220 - Nuffield
 P53221 - Ferguson Diesel
TEF Tractor
P53223 - Fordson Major
 P53224 - Leyland 344
 P53225 - Mini Mayfair
 P53226 - Morris Minor
 Police Car
 P53227 - Austin Van
 P53228 - Honda P50
 P53230 - Morris Minor
 P53241 - Fowler P.A.
Stationary Engine
 P53242 - Wolseley
Stationary Engine
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