Cropthorne Walkabout 2011
Due to the loss of my Fotopic site in March 2011, I felt that I was not a position to be able to photograph both the Evesham Regatta and the Cropthorne Walkabout that year, so I chose to do the latter as it would not result in as many photographs to deal with.   I decided that on this occasion I would go on the Sunday as this would give me the Bank Holiday Monday in order to construct this collection, and to make it a "greener" exercise, I would walk to the event rather than take the car (bear in mind that it's about 3 or 4 miles walk from my house to the village).
The one thing that worried me about returning to this event was the possibility that I would end up with a set of photographs that were too similar to the 2010 set to be worth putting onto this site.   However, this fear was (by and large) unfounded as there were several new properties open, and a lot of the ones I did last year had made changes to their gardens.   I visited all the open properties with only two not being recorded in this collection (1 had no significant differences that I could see, and I felt that the other didn't offer any significant photographic opportunities).   The only thing I didn't do was to go inside St Michael's Church.
 P53244 - Bust,
Cropthorne Manor
 P53245 - Cropthorne
 P53247 - Cropthorne
 P53249 - Cropthorne
 P53251 - "Stroyan"
 P53255 - Pond,
Southern Court
 P53256 - Pond,
 Southern Court
 P53259 - South Lodge
P53261 - Ornamental
 Well,  South Lodge
 P53262 - Continental
Giant Rabbit,
 Holland House
 P53264 - Garden,
Pool House
 P53265 - Garden,
Brookside House
P53266 - Tree, Brookside
 P53272, Kawasaki 350,
 Orchard Rise
 P53280 - Pond, "Stroyan"
 P53283 - Cropthorne
 P53285 - Bridge,
 Cropthorne Court
 P53295 - Pond,
Cropthorne Court
 P53297 - Stag Statue
 P53300 - Celebration
 Reed and Brass Band
 P53301 - Southern Court
 P53302 - Dragon Statue,
Southern Court
 P53303 - MG Sports Car,
 Southern Court
 P53307 - The Outsiders
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