Baddesley Clinton
This is a National Trust Property in Warwickshire, which I have visited three times.   The main building dates from the fifteenth century, and was owned by the Ferrers family for 500 years, before being transferred to the National Trust.  
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 P51034 - Baddesley
 Clinton House
 P51037 - Baddesley
Clinton House
 P51038 - The Gatehouse
 P51039 - The Courtyard
 P51040 - The Garden
 P73237 - The Family
 P51041 - The Family
P73207 - The Great Hall 
P73213 - Bedroom
 P73216 - Chapel
P73220 -  The Great
 P51042 - The Long Ditch
 P51044 - The Great Pool
P73243 - Looking
across The Great Pool 
 P51045 - Weir Bridge
 P51046 - Bridge
 P51047 - The Great Pool
P51049 - Lakeside Walk
 P51056 - Carved Seat
P51057 - Carved Seat
P51059 - The Former
Medieval Hall Range
P51060 - The Former
Medieval Hall Range
P52877 - Dahlia Border
 P52880 - The Vegetable
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