Packwood House
This is a National Trust Property in Warwickshire, only a short distance from Baddesley Clinton.  It dates from the 16th Century, but the property has been much altered during its lifetime.   It is renowned for its Yew Garden, which is meant to be a representation of the Sermon on the Mount.    I've made three visits to this property; most of the photographs in this collection are from the first visit.
Packwood House permits photography in the house, although flash is banned, which rather defeats the point in my opinion.   Despite this, I did manage to take a couple of photographs inside during the first visit. 
packwood_house001003.gif packwood_house001002.gif
P52843 - Main Entrance
P52844 - The Ireton
P52845 - Queen
Margaret's Room
P73273 - Packwood
P73272 - Packwood
P65124 - The Pillar
P52854 - The Plunge Pool
P73277 - The Great Hall
P73279 - The Great Hall
P52857 - The Lake
P65139 - The Lake
P65145 - "Inside Out
P65147 - Lakeside Path
P52850 - The Lakeside
P52864 - Packwood
P52849 - The Yew Garden
P52850 - The Yew Garden
P52865 - The Yew Garden  
P65153- The Yew Garden 
P65154 - "Hive" folly 
P65118 - Urn
P52868 - Packwood
House, from the
Raised Terrace
P65159 - Packwood House
P65166 - Packwood House
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