Wartime in the Vale 2010
This was the second year this event had been held, and if I'm honest, I didn't think it was as good as the first one.   I had the usual issue with Ashdown Farm events of exhibits not displaying an exhibit number, and the flypast advertised for the Saturday didn't occur (unless it was a stealth aircraft).     However, what I lacked in exhibits, I made up for in people, and the Kitten Von Mew section was probably worth the entrance fee alone.
When I put these photographs on my Fotopic site, for technical reasons, I split out the Clare Challoner and Kitten Von Mew photographs into a separate collection.    This reasons are not applicable on this site, so I've merged the two collections back into one, although I have dropped some of the Clare Challoner photographs in doing so. 
Copies of the photographs have now been made available to the event organisors, and I am prepared to email copies of exhibit photographs in this collection to their owners.   Please use one of the contact links provided to get in touch with me, quoting the Pxxxxx reference of the photograph required. 
 P51322 - Exhibit 158 -
Fordson Thames ET6
P51323 - Exhibit 159 -
Fordson Thames ET6 
P51324 - Exhibit 292 -
Raleigh RM9 
P51327 - Exhibit 287 -
Morris Oxford
P51328 - Exhibit 28 -
Austin K9 Radio Van
P51329 - Exhibit 200 -
Humber 1 Ton GS
P51332 - SAS "Pink
Panther" Land Rover
P51333 - Exhibit 161 -
Fordson WOT2
P51335 - Danger UXB!
P51337 - "Dig for
Victory" Garden
P51339 - Toy cows
P51340 - Austin Champ
 P51343 - 155mm
P51344 - Exhibit 236 -
Land Rover 110
P51352 - Up the Jungle
P51355 - Exhibit 366 -
Ford GPW 
 P51357 - Exhibit 34 -
Austin Champ
P51358 - MG Sports Car 
P51361 - Exhibit 291 -
 Pontiac Silver Streak
US Staff Car
P51363 - Exhibit 310 -
Singer 9 Sports
P51364 - Searchlight
P51368 - Ashdown Camp
P51382 - The Noon-day
Gun Fires
P51431 - The Lindybugs
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