Evesham River Festival 2009
Having impressed the organisers of the River Festival with my 2008 photographs, I was invited to become the official photographer to the event in 2009 (which made for a busy weekend as I was also official photographer to the Evesham Vale 10K race on the Sunday).    It turned into quite a varied day as one minute I could be photographing boats, the next I could be photographing musicians.    The main problem I had during the Saturday was the weather; it started off showery in the morning, dried up for the afternoon (although still very overcast), and then rained again during the Night Parade.
Despite all this, I rate this collection (and its Bucket Band spin-off) as some of my best work as it produced two Fotopic features and one photograph used on the 2010 event promotional banners.  
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"The Bucket Band" Photograph Collection
P04558 - Onze Droom
P04562 - Karamenga
P04563 - Victoria
P04564 - Phrollic
P04566 - Shirley Anne
P04567 - Yaffle
P04572 - Lamprey no. 941
P04573 - Airs of Jehu
P04574 - Winnie Two
P04576 - Sapphire
P04580 - Tranquility
P04581 - Angelique
P04582 - Ranchi
P04585 - Olympus II
P04586 - Islay Mist
P04589 - Mahjong
P04594 - Majessa
P04597 - Young Girl
P04599 - Unidentified
P04602 - Jodarolo
P04603 - Lord Toulouse
P04606 - Bewdley Jester
P04624 - Morris Dancer
P04656 - Morris Dancer
P04671 - Huggy,
Boat Handling
P04679 - Boat out of Hell,
Boat Handling
P04692 - Charisma,
 Boat Handling
P04705 - Bewdley Jester,
 Boat Handling
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