The Bucket Band
"The Bucket Band" are based in South Wales and currently consist of :
Karl Craddock : Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica, Mandolin, Piano & Drums
Glenn Craddock : Bass, Accordian, Whistle
Emily Grainger : Violin.
The band formed part of the musical entertainment for the 2009 Evesham River Festival, and played two sets during the afternoon of the Saturday.   The first set clashed with a boating activity, so I was only able to photograph them during the second set, and was hooked from the moment they played "Toccata Hoe Down".   As a result of this, I bought two of their CDs on the spot.   Two more were given to me in exchange for a set of my photographs when I was contacted by the band after the event.   
Although they weren't the headline musical act that day, their photographs proved more popular than those of the other act "The Blind Lemon Band", and my decision to give them their own collection was more than justified.   One image of Emily Grainger became a Fotopic-featured photograph. 
This collection features photographs I didn't use on my Fotopic site.    When I gave the band copies of my photographs, they ended up putting more on their site then I had on mine, so I'm attempting to redress the balance somewhat.   I hope that our paths will cross again at some point.
[This collection was reconstructed with the aid of the band's CDs "Sunny Street" and "Frozen Fingers" playing in the background]
P05134 - Glenn Craddock
P05135 - Emily Grainger
P05137 - Karl Craddock
P05138 - The Bucket Band
P05139 - Emily Grainger
P05140 - Glenn Craddock
P05142 - The Bucket Band
P05143 - The Bucket Band
P05144 - Emily Grainger
P05145 - Glenn Craddock
P05146 - Karl Craddock
P05147 - Emily Grainger
P05148 - The Bucket Band
P05153 - Karl Craddock
P05154 - The Bucket Band
P05155 - Emily Grainger
P05158 - Karl Craddock
P05159 - Glenn Craddock
P05161 - Emily Grainger
P05162 - The Bucket Band
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