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P61394 - 37215
P61401 - 37215
P52826 - 37216
P52828 - 37216
P61437 - D6948
P02751 - 37324
P52828 - 37421
P76385 - 37800
P75869 - 37884
P02926 - D306
"Atlantic Conveyor"
P02949 - D306
"Atlantic Conveyor"
P04314 - 43094
P76094 - 43168
P57706 - 43188
P73193 - 43190
P73569 - 43194
P61410 - 45149
P61413 - 45149
P65278 - 45149
P02767 - 47105
P02771 - 47105
P53005 - 47376
"Freightliner 1995"
47873 "Vulcan"
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Diesel Locomotives
As a child of the 1970s and 1980s, it is perhaps not too surprising to find I am equally happy to point my camera at a diesel locomotive as I am a steam one, especially if it is in BR Blue and TOPS-numbered.   It is also perhaps somewhat unfortunate that the Cotswold Line through doesn't have a great variety of diesel variety passing through it, at least not a times convenient to me, and that I often have get my diesel fixes somewhat further afield (although there have been some interesting  moments in Evesham over the past couple of years). 
This collection proved to be somewhat difficult and time-consuming to recompile, with some photographs from the Fotopic collection not making to this one, and some that weren't appearing here for the first time.   Like the Fotopic collection, this has been arranged in class order, although now extended to TOPS-number order (where applicable).   This does result in the locations jumping around somewhat though; I apologise for this, but I think the order I've got this collection in will be more coherent in the long term, especially to those looking for a specific locomotive or class.