Hidcote Manor Gardens
Hidcote Manor Gardens is probably one of the most famous National Trust Properties, not only nationally but internationally as well.   Its location at the very north end of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire means that it is only a short drive from where I live.
Hidcote is a special place for me.   It is probably the first National Trust I ever visited as a child (and thus making it the NT property I've visited the most number of times), and was the location for my first Digital SLR session with my father's Canon, a session that resulted in my purchase of a Sony A200.   Had I chosen somewhere else, or picked a less sunny a day to visit, it's possible that I may not have been as impressed with the results and stuck with my Minolta for a little while longer.   This would have probably meant that I would not have photographed the 2008 Evesham Vale 10K run to the extent I did, would not have been invited to do the 2009 event, and thus not come to the attention of the Evesham River Festival and "Wartime in the Vale". 
This collection is compiled from seven sessions over the period 2007-2015, and taken with four different cameras.    The fifth and sixth sessions have  resulted in some changes to the running order of this collection, which is location-based using the map in the official guide.
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00078 - Bathing Pool
P53464 - Bathing Pool
P61466 - Bathing Pool
P69585 - Bathing Pool
P61486 - Statue,
Bathing Pool Garden
P57562 - Stream,
Bathing Pool Garden 
P61484 - Topiary,
Bathing Pool Garden
00059 - Beech Alley 
P04196 - The Beech
P69626 - The Beech Alley
P61513 - Sculpture,
The Beech Alley 
P57653 - Sculpture 
P57670 - The Circle 
00022 - The Fuchsia
P53461 - The Fuchsia
P61483 - The Fuchsia
P53449 - The Kitchen
00054 - Lily Pond 
P53445 - Lily Pond
P57659 - Lily Pond
P61517 - Lily Pond
P69618 - Lily Pond
00090 - The Long Walk
P53457 - The Long
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