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P53470 - Exhibit
Green 4 - AM General
Troop Carrier
P53472 - Exhibit Green
 78 - Dodge WC52
P53474 - Exhibit Green
 12 - Austin K5
P53475 - Bedford MK
P53476 - Exhibit 99
Ford GPW "Jeep"
P53477 - Exhibit
Green 3 - AM General
M1044 Humvee
P53480 - Exhibit
Green 117 - GMC
P53481 - Exhibit
 Green 205 -
Reo M54
P53483 - Severn Valley
 Leafers Land Rovers
P53484 - Exhibit
 Green 203 - Reo
P53486 - Exhibit
 Green 149 - Land Rover
 Series III
P53489 - Exhibit
 Green 39 - 1943
Austin Tilly
 P53490 - Northover
P53492 - Exhibit
Green 26 -
Austin Champ
P53494 - Exhibit
 Green 13 - Austin K9
P53495 - Exhibit Green
 183 - Land Rover
P53496 - Exhibit
 Green 231 - Willys
P53497 - Exhibit
Green 221 - Volvo
P53499 - Exhibit
Green 104 - Russian
Jeep Replica
P53500 - Exhibit
 Green 120 - Gaz 59
P53501 - Exhibit Green
155 - Land Rover
101 Forward Control
P53502 - Exhibit
Red 33 - Morris
 8 Tourer
P53504 - Exhibit
Red 43 - Riley Imp
P53505 - Exhibit
 Red 42 - Riley Delo
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Wartime in the Vale 2011
Photographs from Day 1 of the event (the Saturday).   I had initially considered returning on the Sunday, but in the end I felt that I had done pretty much all of the photography I was going to do on the Saturday, so decided not to (I did try for the Sunday flypast from a vantage point near the farm, but it didn't occur at the time stated).
Having been a little disappointed by the 2010 event, this one was an improvement, although I had the usual problem with exhibits not showing their ID numbers (I -  and I'm sure this applies to a lot of the other visitors to the event as well - am not an expert in vintage road vehicles, and it is a matter of pride to me that I have a least a rough idea of what I'm pointing my camera at).    As a result, I've concentrated on those exhibits that I could tally to the event brochure, or identify from previous events (with one exception).    I've also done more work with the re-inactment exhibits, as well as the C47 flypast and the 1940s singing and dancing.    I took around 200 photographs in all; this collection represents about a third of them.   As per my normal policy, UK road registrations have been obscured; copies with them unobscured can be provided on request.