The Splinters Band @ Evesham River Festival 2011
The Splinters Band was the Headline Act for the 2011 River Festival and as such have been given their own collection.   The photographs were taken during the first of the two sessions; I was unable to photograph the second one due to having to set up on the opposite side of the river for the Night Parade.  
P54020 - Singer
P54021 - Singers
P54022 - The Splinters
P54023 - Chris
P54024 - The Splinters
P54025 - Singers
P54026 - Singers
P54027 - Paul
P54028 - The Splinters
P54029 - Chris
P54030 - Horn Section
P54031 - Singers
P54032 - Singer
P54033 - The Splinters
P54034 - Singers
P54035 - Singers
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