Snowshill Manor
This a National Trust Property in Gloucestershire, not too far from where I live.   I visited it in May 2010 for the first time (that saying, I may have visited it as a child, but can't remember any such visits).  The property houses the collection of Charles Paget Wade, consisting of various items from all over the world.
As a result of a second visit in March 2014, the collection is now in more of a location-based order.
P62254 - Snowshill
P71943 - Snowshill Manor
P51121 - Snowshill
P71945 - Snowshill
P62304 - Snowshill
P51069 - Statue of St
P51076 - Well
P62290 - Well
P51079 - Priest's House
P71953 - Garden Terraces
P51080 - The Garden
P51083 - The Pond
P62265 - The Grass
P62269 - Bench,
 The Elder Grove
P62272 - The Elder
P51087 - The Lily Pool
P71950 - Water Spring
P51090 - Flemish
P51094 - Nychthemeron
P71957 - Nychthemeron
P51096 - Nychthemeron
and Bench
P71959 - Snowshill Manor
P71964 - Snowshill
Manor Gardens
P62279 - The Well Court
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