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Chedworth Roman Villa
This is a property found in the Cotswolds, between  Cheltenham and Cirencester, and consists of the remains of a 4th Century Roman  Villa, one of the larger ones to have been discovered.   I have visited the  villa twice, but the first visit was the obligatory school trip some  thirty-or-so years ago, and the photographs in this collection come from the  second visit in September 2010.   I had originally planned to visit on the same  day as my visit to Snowshill Manor, earlier in the year, but in the end decided  to fit this in on the return trip from my Dorset holiday. However, I'm not  sure this was a great idea; I think I was perhaps more concerned about getting  home than taking photographs, and I don't think this was one of my better  sessions.  I suspect that any return visits will start from home.   

[A word of warning; the roads in the immediate area  of the property are very narrow, and at one point my SatNav attempted to direct  me down a private road.]
First Photograph in collection

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P52789 - Chedworth
Roman Villa
P52791 - The Estate Office
P52798 - Fridgadarium
P52799 - Tepidarium

P52800 - Mosaic
P52801 - Hot Water Boiler
P52803 - Water Shrine
P52808 - The Heated
Living Room

P52810 - Romano-British Cooking
P52812 - Yellow Buckeye Tree

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