Evesham Vintage Rally 2011
Photographs from the first day of my third Ashdown Farm event of the year (and my last local event of the year as well).     I think this is as much as I am going to upload to this site, and I think it is fairly representative of what was on display on the Saturday. 
Although this event in my opinion was an improvement over the Easter one, I still had my usual complaint about the ability to be able to identify exhibits from the brochure.   Unlike "Wartime in the Vale" (where it was at least possible to identify some exhibits), there just didn't appear to be any cohesive effort to allow visitors to match exhibits to brochure entries .   In most cases, I've had to look at the exhibits closely, and some exhibits have been identified either by matching them to photographs from earlier events or researching them on the internet.   If I have mis-identified anything, I apologise
P54441 - Dodge Pickup
P54443 - Austin 7
P54444 - Austin A40
P54445 - Mini Mayfair
P54446 - Humber
P54451 - Thames Trader
P54452 - AEC Mercury
P54453 - Bedford S
P54454 - Bedford O
P54455 - Bedford OL
P54456 - Bedford OWL
P54462 - Jacobson Chief
P54463 - Allis Chalmers
P54464 - McCormick
Farmall Tractor
P54465 - Ferguson
P54466 - Fordson N
P54469 - Ford A Series
Camper Van
P54471 - Land Rover
P54472 - Wolseley
Hornet Special
P54473 - Standard
Vanguard Six
P54478 - Wolseley WD
8 Stationary Engine
P54483 - Lister D
Stationary Engine
P54484 - Petter M
Type Stationary Engine
P54485 - Fowler
Traction Engine
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