Canons Ashby House
Canons Ashby House is a National Trust property in Northamptonshire.   The house is a 16th Century extension of a farmhouse originally on the site, and further extensions and additions were made up until Victorian times.   However, the 20th Century saw the house and gardens fall into decay, and a major restoration was required by the Trust on obtaining the property in 1981
I must admit to not being overly impressed with the apparent lack of photographic opportunities at this property, (especially having come from Stowe Landscape Gardens, which is one of the most photogenic National Trust properties I've ever been to), and I was initially going to use some of the photographs to form a "Landscape and Architecture - Northamptonshire" collection.   However, having re-read the guidebook, I may have misjudged things, and have decided that I have enough work to just about form a proper NT collection for the property.   I'm not sure about a second visit; I think I would need to pair it with another property to justify giving it another go.
P55149 - Sundial
P55151 - Canons Ashby
P55152 - Canons Ashby
P55153 - Canons Ashby
  P55154 - Canons Ashby
P55155 - Canons Ashby
P55157 - House entrance
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