Hanbury Hall
Hanbury Hall is a property dating from the early 18th Century, located in Worcestershire, and was left to the National Trust in 1953.  Another case of a great house decaying during the first half of the 20th Century, its fate was "touch-and-go" at this point, as there was little money for restoration work; fortunately an anonymous donor was found who was interested in preserving a property of this period, and the Hall was saved.
I have now visited the property four times, this collection is a mixture of photographs from all four visits.
P55247 - The Approach
P61235 - Hanbury Hall
P61237 - Hanbury Hall
P61271 - The Front Door
P61266 - The Clock Tower
P55258 - Statue
P61238 - Hanbury Hall
P76522 - Hanbury Hall
P61261 - The Grove
P61262 - Topiary
P66249 - The Grove
P55272 - Looking north
from the Grove
P61245 - The Wilderness
 P76528 - The Wilderness
P55261 - The Parterre
P61260 - The Parterre
P55262 - The Parterre
P55263 - The Parterre
P66233 - The Parterre
P61241 - The Fruit
P55264 - Tree in the
Fruit Garden
P66244 - The Long
P61248 - The Orangery
P61250 - Sundial
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