Reconstruction of a Railway
In 1971, most of the railway line between Oxford and Worcester was singled, severely reducing the operational capacity of the line, and often creating knock-on effects if a train was late.   In 2008, it was finally agreed to redouble parts of the line, most notably the Moreton-in-the-Marsh to Evesham section, and over the next three years, this work was undertaking, finally finishing in August 2011.   This collection records the process at two locations: Evesham and Offenham (I had initially intended to do Honeybourne as well, but never actually managed this; something I regret somewhat). 
This collection consists of four sessions in Evesham and two at Offenham (there was a middle session from Offenham which I've decided to not to restore as there were no major differences between that and the first).   I did photograph Evesham Signal Box at one point as the initial plan called for its closure, but this doesn't seem to been implemented, so this has been put into "Landscape and Architecture - Worcestershire".  
P02388 - Looking east
 from High St Bridge
P02390 - Looking east
 from High St Bridge
P02392 - Looking east
from High St Bridge
P02393 - Evesham
Up Starter Signal
P05833 - Looking east
from High St Bridge
P05839 - Looking east
 from High St Bridge
P05841- Looking east
from High St Bridge
P51625 - Looking west
 from High St Bridge
P51626 - Class 66
Diesel no 66183
P51634 - Looking east
from Briar Close
P51635 - Class 66
Diesel no 66168
P51638 - Night Work
P51647 - The
sleepers arrive
P51650 - Track-laying
P51651 - Track-laying
P51653 - Track-laying
P51659 - A Down
 Train arrives
P54437 - The
redoubling begins
P54438 - The remains
of the Up Starter
P54440 - Plant at
work east of
P55195 - The Finished
Product, Evesham
P55197 - The Finished
Product, Evesham
P55326 - The Finished
Product, Evesham
P02906 - Offenham
P02908 - Offenham
P02910 - Offenham
P55029 - Offenham
P55030 - Offenham
P55032 - Offenham
P55033 - Offenham