P02906 - Offenham Cutting looking east,Worcestershire, - Reconstruction of a Railway

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Offenham Cutting looking east,Worcestershire
Offenham Cutting looking east,Worcestershire
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Date : 13th April, 2009
Photograph Reference : P02906
Camera : Sony A200
ISO : 100
Exposure Time : 1/100sec
Aperture : F11
Focal Length : 26mm
Modifications : Camera JPG unmodified
We move to the cutting just south of the village of Offenham, where a public footpath between Offenham and Evesham crosses the railway on a footbridge spanning the line.   The first session was done after lineside clearance of vegetation between this bridge and the roadbridge in the background (for some reason, the vegetation to the west of the bridge wasn't cleared).
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