P81861 - Broadway Railway Station, Worcestershire - Worcestershire

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Broadway Railway Station, Worcestershire
Broadway Railway Station, Worcestershire
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Date : 28th October, 2018
Photograph Reference : P81861
Camera : Sony A77
ISO : 250
Exposure Time : 1/125sec
Aperture : F10
Focal Length : 16mm
Modifications : RAW modified

This is now the northern terminus of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, having been re-opened in March 2018, just over 50 years since the station originally closed.   

This was the first time I had set foot on the station since it had been re-opened (I did make a train journey here in May 2018, but didn't get off the train), and I had wanted to get a similar view to that used on my "Railways of the Vale of Evesham" site.  However the west platform (on the left in this photograph) was not open to the public at this point, so I settled for this instead.  
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