Hailes Abbey
The ruins of Hailes Abbey are a National Trust Property in Gloucestershire, a few minutes drive from the headquarters of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in Toddington.   A Cistercian Abbey, it was completed around 1250, but was a victim (like nearby Evesham Abbey) of the Dissolution of the Monastries and was shut down in 1539.   Demolition occurred over the next couple of centuries, leaving the ruins seen today.   Although owned by the National Trust, the site is managed by English Heritage.
I have made two visits to Hailes Abbey, in October 2009 and April 2015.   Most of the photographs in this collection are from the second visit; I could perhaps have replaced all of the 2009 photographs, but in the end I decided to keep a few, perhaps mainly out of sentimental reasons, although perhaps these do provide some comparisons, especially relating to how my photography has changed in 5 and a half years.   The second visit has also resulted in changing the collection order to a location-based one, working on a clockwise spiral starting outside the site entrance, and finishing in the Cloister. 
P06587 - The Cloister
P06588 - Looking into
 the Cloister
P66140 - Looking west
from the Nave
P66141- Looking
 from the Nave
P66145- The east end
of the main
abbey building
P66173 - Looking west
into the cloister
P66176 - Chapter House
P66177 - Mason's Mark
P66168 - The East Wall
of the Cloister
P06592 - Looking into
 the Warming House
P66150 - Looking into
the Warming House
P66152 - The southeast
corner of the cloister
P66171 - Reredorter
P66163 - The South Range
of the abbey
P06596 - Looking north
into the warming house
P06595 - Looking north
 into the Cloister
P66162 - The south side
 of the abbey
P66187 - The West Range
P66135 - Archway
P66146- The North
Cloister Wall
P66155 - The Southwest
 Corner of the Cloister
P66184 - The Southwest
 Corner of the Cloister
P66186 - Archway
P66183 - The North
Cloister Wall
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