"Master of Midshires" Grasstrack Meeting -2009
This came about after my father expressed an interest in photographing this event after reading an article in the "Vale" magazine; however he was unable to attend on the day and I ended doing this by myself.  
This collection is a sample of the photographs I took during the meeting, all of which were taken from the southeast corner of the track (which I felt would give me optimum lighting conditions throughout the afternoon).     I will admit my knowledge of grasstrack racing is next to non-existent, and it didn't help that I couldn't get hold of an event brochure, which might have made things a little clearer.    However, I was pleased with the photography, although my choice of a 200mm lens rather than a 300mm meant that nearly all the photographs had to be recomposed afterwards (however, I feel that this was the right decision based on the lighting conditions, which were at times somewhat overcast).
 I would like to do this event again, but the current venue is not as convenient for me as the 2009 one was.
P06123 - Bike 96
P06170 - Bikes 1 and 26
P06191 - Bike 110
P06194 - Sidecar 57
P06214 - Sidecars 97
 and 55
P06218 - Sidecar 87
P06221 - Sidecar 60
P06222 - Sidecar 30
P06244 - Bike 21
P06246 - Bikes 17, 115
and 70
P06250 - Bike 105
P06276 - Bike 1
P06300 - Sidecar 55
P06310 - Sidecar 60
P06326 - Bike 170
P06355 - Bike 1
P06364 - Bike 71
P06388 - Sidecar 57
P06411 - Bike 81
P06428 - Sidecar 7
P06437 - Bike 726
P06449 - Bike 22
P06455 - Bike 71
P06465 - Sidecar 118