P55449 - Pershore Abbey, Worcestershire - Night Photography

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Pershore Abbey, Worcestershire
Pershore Abbey, Worcestershire
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Date : 2nd February, 2012
Photograph Reference : P55449
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 200
Exposure Time : 30sec
Aperture : F6.3
Focal Length : 16mm
Modifications : Camera JPG modified
Another year, and yet another photography course!   This one was a follow-up to the Autumn 2011 one, and featured more night photography and going further afield, in this case to Pershore (and to Tewkesbury as seen later in the collection).    This session was a lot colder than the ones in 2011.  

For this course, I made the decision not to shoot RAW versions of my photographs for the duration, to encourage me to concentrate on the exposure, not the post-production.  
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