The Weir
The Weir is a National Trust Property in Herefordshire, a few miles west of Hereford.  It consists mainly of a large garden by the River Wye and a  second walled garden to the east of the main garden.  There are also remains of Roman structures (the largest in the county). 
P55898 - Daffodils
P73095 - Entering the
Weir Gardens
P55928 - Daffodil-
covered River Bank
P73116 - Autumnal
P55903 - The Rockery
P55911 - The Rockery
P55925 - The Rockery
P73118 - The Rockery
P55922 - The River Wye
P73121 - The River Wye
P73172 - The River Wye
P73173 - The River Wye
P73175 - The River Wye
P55929 - The River Wye
P55930 - The River Wye
P73107 - The River Wye
P73109 - Walkway
P73103 - Walkway
P73102 - The River Wye
P73099 - The River Wye
P73148 - Looking towards
the Picnic Area
P73168 - Looking east
along the River Wye
P55931 - The River Wye
P73151 - The River Wye
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