Brockhampton Estate
This is a National Trust property in Herefordshire, just on the border with Worcestershire.   The estate dates from at least 1166, and has two principle buildings, Upper and Lower Brockhampton House.   The latter is the older of the two, and is the only one open to the public (the Upper house being privately leased); the remainder of the estate being accessible by a number of trails. 
P55973 - Lower
Brockhampton House
P55975 - Lower
Brockhampton House
P55984 - The Chapel
P55986 - The Gatehouse
P55988 - Lower
 Brockhampton House
P55990 - Lower
Brockhampton House
P55939 - Brockhampton
P55940 - Brockhampton
P55941 - Apple Press 
P55943 - Bench 
P55946 - The Lawn Pool
P55954 - Stream
P55964 - Waterfall
P55966 - Stream
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