Wartime in the Vale 2009
The first "Wartime in the Vale" event was held in 2009, and was the second of the three Ashdown Farm events that year.   The event is now a regular feature in the local events calendar in Evesham, and is also one of my regulars (in fact the timing, at least for the years 2009 to 2011 meant that it acted as a warmup/rehearsal for my work with the River Festival).   In 2013, I took on the post of Official Photographer to the event.   
The original Fotopic collection was removed shortly before the site closed down, and some of its contents formed the basis of a new "Military Vehicles" collection, merged with my "Bovington Tank Museum" collection.   When revisiting the event for restoration to the new site, I decided to return it as an "event" collection rather than a "transport" one, especially in light of becoming the official photographer to the event.   
wartime_in_the_vale_2009001003.gif wartime_in_the_vale_2009001002.gif
P04371 - Exhibit 46,
Land Rover TACR-1
P04374 - Exhibit 152,
Vickers FV433 Abbott
 105mm Self-Propelled
P04377 - Unidentified
P04380 - Exhibit 66 -
Hotchkiss M201
P04382 - Exhibit 95 -
Austin Champ
P04383 - Exhibit 115 -
Fordson Thames E6
P04384 - Exhibit 181 -
Fordson Thames ET6
P04385 - Exhibit 158 -
 Raleigh RM9
P04386 - Exhibit 170 -
 Fordson Thames ET6
P04388 - Exhibit 125 -
Alvis Samaritan
Tracked Ambulance
P04389 - Unidentified
P04390 - Exhibit 67 -
Hillman Minx
P04391 - Dig for Victory
P04392 - Rabbits
P04393 - Exhibit 245 -
Allis Chalmers Tractor
P04395 - Exhibit 267 -
P04396 - Exhibit 86 -
Bedford M1120
P04397 - Exhibit 8 -
Land Rover SAS
Pink Panther
P04398 - Exhibit 190 -
Bedford OWL
P04400 - Exhibit 237 -
 Bedford Green Goddess
Fire Engine
P04401 - Exhibit 184 -
AM General Troop
P04403 - Exhibit 297 -
Aston Martin DB6
P04405 - Exhibit 271 -
1934 Wolseley
Hornet Special
P04407 - Exhibit 231 -
Singer 9 Sports
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