Bredon Barn
This is a National Trust Property in Worcestershire, just on the border with Gloucestershire.  The barn is located on the western side of the village of Bredon, and is one of the Trust's more obscure properties (It didn't have an entry in the 2012 members' handbook, and is quite difficult to find - I spent some time wandering through the village looking for the entrance). 
I would say that, like Middle Littleton Tithe Barn (and I suppose to the same extent "Clouds Hill"), this is a property that is of more of interest to those people with a specific interest in this sort of building.   There are no facilities on site and parking is extremely limited (I actually parked on the northern edge of the village and walked to the site), but since there is a nominal entrance fee, this is going on the score sheet for 2012. 
P56033 - Bredon Barn
P56034 - Barn Entrance
P56037 - Bredon Barn
P56042 - Bredon Barn
P56043 - Barn
P56047 - Bredon Barn
P56048 - Bredon Barn
P56049 - Bredon Barn
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