Wartime in the Vale 2012
This is a selection of photographs covering both days of the event.
I'm glad I did make it to this event, despite the weather.   The weather during the actual two days wasn't too bad; it was the overnight rain that caused all the havoc on the Sunday, but by 4pm that day, most of the clouds had gone and it was quite sunny (which probably helped the car park dry out).   I was able to get my car out without any Austin Champ assistance, but I did bring quite a bit of Ashdown Farm with me on my boots as a souvenir! 
My overall plan was to concentrate on the exhibits on the Saturday and the Arena activities on the Sunday.   I had been given a list of things the organisers wanted photographs of, and I believe that I fulfilled most of the "Wishlist" (the major exception being the Lancaster flying over the camp, but that only failed because the flypast was cancelled due to the high winds on the Saturday).    At one point, an exhibit was moved in order for me to get a better photograph of it (thanks to all involved).    I was also quite please to see a vast improvement in the number of exhibits displaying their numbers; there were enough doing so to keep me occupied for both days, and I am starting to get to know the "regulars".  
On the whole, I am pleased with the overall quality of the photographs, despite the variable lighting conditions.  My only real regret is that I didn't manage to photograph Kitten Von Mew as I was prioritising on the arena activities. 
I would like to thank Paul Valiadis and the organisers of this event for the hard work (and I suspect the odd sleepless night!) put into staging this event, especially considering the not-very- favourable weather conditions.   I would also like to thank them for the opportunity to work in a "semi-official" capacity at least.
wartime_in_the_vale_2012001003.gif wartime_in_the_vale_2012001002.gif
P56403 - "Dads Army"
P56404 - Exhibit Green
242 - Willys MB
P56405 - Exhibit Green
71 - Ford GPW
P56417 - Exhbit Green
157 - Land Rover 101
Forward Control
P56421 - Exhibit Green
266 - Pingauer Rapier
Missile System
P56422 - Exhibit Green
266 - Pingauer Rapier
Missile System
(Tractor Unit)
P56423 - Exhibit Green
182 - SAS Pink Panther
Land Rover
P56439 - Austin Champ
P56459 - Foden DROPS
and Alvis Stalwart  in
the Arena
P56463 - Leyland DAF
DROPS picks up an
Alvis Stalwart
P56543 - Noon Day Gun
P56547 - 18-Pound Gun
P56556 - Austin Champs
in the Arena
P56560 - Austin Champ
 in the Arena
P56561 - Austin Champ
P56569 - Cleaning the
 18-Pound Gun
P56572 - Ashdown Camp
P56575 - Exhibit Green
13 - Austin 8 Military
P56594 - Clare Challoner
P56595 - Clare Challoner
P56600 - Clare Challoner
P56609 - Dig for Victory
P56614 - Exhibit Green
 96 - Ford GPW
P56622 - Exhibit Green
107 - GKN Simba AFV
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