Evesham Riverside Vintage Show 2012
Having expected this event to be held at Ashdown Farm, I was almost caught out when the venue was switched to the Corporation Meadow in the town itself.   The event did not seem all that well publicised; I only found out about it because I drive past the venue on my way to work and saw them setting up. 
I only paid a brief visit to the event on the Saturday afternoon as I was tied up with various matters during the day (most notably collecting my new car).   As there was no event brochure, I've had to identify the exhibits using a combination of internet research, referencing earlier photographs and my own personal knowledge.   
evesham_riverside_vintage_show_2012001002.gif evesham_riverside_vintage_show_2012001001.gif
P57012 - Fowler
Traction Engine
P57013 - Burrell Road
P57016 - Fowler
Traction Engine
P57018 - Fowler
Traction Engine
P57019 - Fowler
Traction Engine
P57020 - Foden C
Type Steam Truck
P57021 - Thames Trader
P57022 - 1951 Fordson
Thames ET6
P57024 - Fordson
Thames ET6
P57031 - Nuffield Tractor
P57036 - Massey Harris
P57038 - Lotus Esprit
P57039 - MG Sports Car
P57041 - Rover 2000 TC
P57043 - Morris Minor
1000 Police Car
P57045 - Ford Capri
P57047 - Morris Oxford
P57049 - Buick Le Sabra
P57053 - Triumph
P57062 - Garrett
Traction Engine