P06734 - "Whalebone", Evesham Arts Centre, Worcestershire - Evesham Arts Centre

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Whalebone, Evesham Arts Centre, Worcestershire
"Whalebone", (L-R), Charlotte Watson, Steve Downs & Sarah Ibberson, Evesham Arts Centre
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I'm not exactly sure how to describe "Whalebone", so perhaps it is best  just to visit their website:

I would probably say that if you like the "Bucket Band", you will probably  like "Whalebone", which is what especially attracted me to this session.   This  was taken during during the first half of the concert, and for once, I was  allowed to work with the flash.   
Date : 23rd October, 2009
Photograph Reference : P06734
Camera : Sony A200
ISO : 100
Exposure Time : 60sec+flash
Aperture : F5
Focal Length : 30mm
Modifications : Camera JPG modified
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