Evesham Medieval Festival 2008
This is probably the point where I stopped thinking along the lines of 35mm photography and seriously cut loose with a camera.   The photographs in this collection are from the combat displays outside the Almonry Museum, and for the first time I stopped thinking in terms of conserving exposures and just kept pressing the shutter.  With the sun directly behind me, I wound up with some well-lit shots, at speeds I rarely used when working with 35mm.   I took so many that, for the first time I had to be selective in the photographs I kept.
The session predates my purchase of Paint Shop Pro, and although I have no issues about the lighting, in retrospect, I would have recomposed many of these images.   At this time  I only had one  working lens for the camera (or I so I believed; I later disovered my 70-300mm 35mm lens would work with the Sony A200), so my focal length range was limited.   However, the session did produce my first Sony Fotopic-featured photograph (although my records and my memory seem to be at odds as to which one it was), so I have resisted the temptation to rework these for this collection in order to maintain these photographs as originally used.
The event was subsequently replaced by a morris dancing festival, but in 2015, Evesham held a similar event to commemorate the 750th Anniversary of the Battle in Evesham in 1265. 
P00108 - Helmet
P00115 - Mike Ewing as
 the Duke of
P00117 - Preparation
 for the Mace Fight
P00131 - Mace Fight
P00142 - Mace Fight
P00147 - Mace Fight
P00175 - Mace Fight
P00177 - Mace Fight
P00182 - Warwick
the Victor
P00190 - Swordfight
P00191 - Swordfight
P00197 - Swordfight
P00200 - Swordfight
P00234 - Swordfight
P00241- Cornwall is
P00248- Fire-eating