Coughton Court
Coughton (pronounced "Coat-on") Court is a National Trust property in Warwickshire, only a few miles from where I live.   It is the residence of the Throckmorton Family who remained faithful to the Catholic religion after the Reformation, although they faced persecution and prejudice until the mid-19th Century. 
The property itself dates from around 1510, when the Gatehouse that forms the centrepiece of the main building was constructed, and further additions have been made over the centuries.  I have made two visits to this property; most of the photographs are from the first visit.
P65168 - Coughton Court
P65205 - Front Door
P57827 - Coughton Court
P72795 - The Courtyard
P57832 - The
P57833 - Ornamental
P57837 - Fountain
P57838 - The Courtyard
P57823 - The Formal
P57826 -
Ornamental Urn
P72895 -
Ornamental Urn
P57846 - Fountain
P57849 - Ornamental
P72833 - Sculpture
P65188 - Sculpture
P72842 - Apple Tree
P57857- St Peter's
P65182- St Peter's
P65191- The Lake
P65171- The Lake
P72844 - The Lake
P72850 - Reflections
 in The Lake
P57861- Daffodils by
the lake
P57893 - Daffodils
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