P60562 - Betsy
P60593 - Ruby Lamont
P60596 - Ruby Lamont
   P60606 - Ruby Lamont
P60607 -
 Ruby Lamont
P60647 - Kitty Ribbons
P60649 - Kitty Ribbons
P60651 - Kitty Ribbons
P60652 - Kitty Ribbons
P60653 -
Kitty Ribbons
P60656 - Kitty Ribbons
P60617 - Dancers
P60660 - Dancer
P60661 - Dancer
P60676 - Dancers
P60677 - Dancers
P60688 - Dancers
P60694- Dancers
P60698- Dancer
P60701- Dancers
P60702 - Dancers
P60637- Dancers
P60668 - Dancers
P60705 - Dancers
Wartime in the Vale 2013 -
There were various performances over the two days of the event, and I was privileged to be able to attend the Saturday evening entertainment in the Beer Tent from which most of this section's photographs were taken. 
Exhibits - Page 1
Exhibits - Page 2
Exhibits - Page 3
"Flashes and Bangs"
"Around the Venue"
wartime_in_the_vale_2013001004.gif wartime_in_the_vale_2013002005.gif wartime_in_the_vale_2013002004.gif wartime_in_the_vale_2013001002.gif wartime_in_the_vale_2013001001.gif
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