Fladbury Walkabout 2013
This was the first time I had photographed this event; the reason for this being that it is usually held on the same weekend as the Evesham River Festival and for the last few years I've been working there.  However in 2013 , the River Festival Committee felt that they could manage without an official photographer, and I decided to help prove them right by finding something else to photograph that weekend instead.   As far as local events went, I had the choice of this or the Riverside Vintage Show, and not wanting to do a vehicle-related event so soon after "Wartime in the Vale", I chose the Walkabout instead.
The collection is made up of a selection of photographs taken on the Saturday, one of the hottest days of 2013, and a complete opposite to the corresponding weekend of 2012.   The lighting was so good that having switched to a polarising filter in the first garden I visited, I left it on for the duration of the session. 
 P61347 - Garden 3
 P61341 - Community
 P61274 - Garden 5
 P61275 - Ornamental Pot
 P61276 - Garden 5
 P61277 - Ornaments
 P61279 - Ornaments
 P61280 - Garden 6
 P61304 - Garden 8
 P61297 - Garden 9
 P61303 - Ornamental
 P61293 - Garden 11
 P61295 - Garden 11
 P61285 - Water Feature
 P61289 - Water Feature
 P61309 - Pond
 P61316 - Fountain
 P61317 - Garden 16
 P61321 - Fairy Grotto
 P61323 - Bird Feeder
 P61326 - Statue
 P61335 - Fladbury Mill
 P61340 - Classic Cars
 P61308 - Duck
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