Chastleton House
This is a National Trust property in Oxfordshire, located between Chipping Norton and Stow-on-the-Wold (in fact, I would probably recommend anyone approaching from the northwest heads towards Stow and turn east from there, rather than heading for Chipping Norton from Moreton-in-the-Marsh, as the approach is easier and you arrive at the car park before you arrive at the house).
This collection is location-ordered, based on an anticlockwise circuit of the gardens, starting with the front of the house. 
P61862 - Chastleton
P71893 - Chastleton
P61863 - Roller
P61860 - Potted Plant
P71898 - Doorway
P71894 - The Best Garden
P61865 - The Best
P61866 - Archway
P61848 - The Best
P61850 - Column
P71904 - Sundial
P61851 - Looking towards
the Kitchen Garden
P61853 - The Kitchen
P61854 - The Kitchen
P61855 - The Kitchen
P71909 - "Sheryl
P71914 - "Russell
P71915 -  "Whitmore"
P71919 -  The Kitchen
P71922 - The Croquet
P71924 - The Croquet
P71926 - The Croquet
P61872 - The West Side
of the House
P71937 - Dovecote
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