Lodge Park
This National Trust property is located in Gloucestershire, just off the A40, just east of Northleach.   Part of the Sherbourne Estate (also NT-owned), Lodge Park was originally built as a deer-coursing facility in the 1630s, the main feature being the ornate grandstand (it is the only surviving 17th Century grandstand in the UK).  The property underwent several changes since its construction; the National Trust has attempted to restore it back to its original state.
lodge_park001002.gif lodge_park001001.gif
P62242 - Lodge Park
P62231 - Lodge Park
P62237 - Lodge Park
P62238 - Lodge Park
P62239 - Deer-Course
P62241 - Ornamental
P62235 - Fountain
P62224 - Ornamental
P62245 - Main Gates
P62249 - Ironwork
P62246 - Main Gates
P62247 - Gatehouse
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