Evesham Regatta 2014
Photographs from the first day of the event.      I was on site from the start of the day's racing until the last race, and I believe I photographed all races except any between 2.45 and 3pm, at which point I was moving from one side of the river (I started on the "Workman Gardens side and finished on the "Abbey Park" side). 
Having done the second day of the event in 2013, I decided to return to recording the first day, as the upstream racing and the prevalent lighting conditions work more in my favour (helped by a gloriously sunny day).   Again, I will apologise for any four or eight-person crews with lost coxes; my style of photography works best with one or two-person crews, and with larger crews, I tend to be happy if I just manage to get the rowers in.   A lot of what I do does come down to luck, and as such I cannot guarantee that some photographs will suffer quality issues if printed at larger sizes (all items in this collection are available for sale).  I will admit that I am a little disappointed with the quality on a lot of the four-person-crew photographs, particularly those from the morning races ; I have several theories on what may have caused this, and will try and factor these into future Regatta photography.  Some of the photographs in this collection would not normally make it onto this site; they are there in order to reduce the amount of queries I might have to deal with.
In the end I ended up taking 863 photographs, a new daily record, and a total in excess of the work I did for "Wartime in the Vale 2013" over two days.   I have now examined all of the photographs and have uploaded images of 186 of the 207 crews listed for the day in my notes (those missing were either not photographed, or the images were of insufficient quality to be considered).  Hopefully any errors have now been dealt with; if there are any I've missed, I would ask that under-18s get an Appropriate Adult or club official to contact me to point these out.
Finally, I would like to point out that  I have no official status on this event, nor do I want any. 
P62753 - Crew 1
P62622 - Crew 2
P62754 - Crew 3
P62714 - Crew 4
P62602 - Crew 5
P62717 - Crew 6
P62750 - Crew 7
P62489 - Crew 8
P62659 - Crew 9
P62486 - Crew 10
P62748 - Crew 11
P62606 - Crew 12
P62733 - Crew 13
P62577 - Crew 14
P62735 - Crew 15
P62630 - Crew 16
P62474 - Crew 17
P62629 - Crew 18
P62693 - Crew 19
P62839 - Crew 20
P62725 - Crew 21
P62724 - Crew 22
P62701 - Crew 23
P62698 - Crew 24
P62440 - Crew 25
P62797 - Crew 26
P62436 - Crew 27
P62542 - Crew 28
P62530 - Crew 30
P62528 - Crew 31
P62681 - Crew 32
P62798 - Crew 34
P62534 - Crew 35
P62455 - Crew 36
P62456 - Crew 37
P62451 - Crew 38
P62555 - Crew 39
P62459 - Crew 40
P62818 - Crew 41
P62446 - Crew 42
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