Cropthorne Walkabout 2015
Photographs from the first day of the event.    Because my May schedule for 2015 also included an early Dorset holiday, I felt that attempting to cover the Evesham Regatta would just be too much to fit in, and so I decided (after a break of 3 years) to return to the Cropthorne Walkabout.   This was somewhat apt, as the event was celebrating its 40th anniversary, and it was also 40 years since I moved out of the village to a house in Evesham.   In the end, my decision to do the Walkabout proved to be a good one : I had working commitments on the Saturday which prevented me from attempting a blanket coverage of the Regatta that day, and the weather was such that I would have been in a fight with overcast conditions and some rain.   For once, I was perfectly happy to leave the Regatta photography to the official photographers.  
That saying, on the Sunday I was woken to the sound of rain, which I didn't really want to hear, and I did consider coming on the Monday instead.   However, by midday, the rain had cleared up, the sun was making occasional appearances, so I decided to press ahead with my plan.   This time I drove to the event, rather than walk (partly due to the earlier rain, and the possibility of further rain).    I stayed for nearly three hours, and photographed most of the gardens and activities on display (I would have stayed a little longer for a return session at Cropthorne Court, but upon spotting a large section of cloud appearing over the village, I decided to quit while I was ahead).  For the most part the weather while I was there was a mixture of sun and cloud, although it had annoying knack of being cloudy when I wanted sun and vice versa.  However, the Monday weather was somewhat more overcast, and on the whole, I think I ended up making the correct call. not only for the Walkabout, but for my weekend as a whole. 
Unlike my 2012 visit, I was not too concerned about repetition as I had planned this to be an exercise in reworking.   Most of the photographs in this collection are RAW reworks, although a couple of camera JPG files have been used, mainly where I've felt a full RAW rework wasn't really necessary. 
This time round the collection is in a location-based order, based on the order listed in the event brochure.   Other photographs taken during this event may appear in other specialist collections.  
P66422 - View from
Riverside Lodge
P66423 - Pond,
Riverside Lodge
P66426 - Pond,
Riverside Lodge
P66388 - Pond,
Cropthorne Court
P66394 - Cropthorne
P66396 - Cropthorne
P66397 - Bridge,
Cropthorne Court
P66402 - Waterfall,
Cropthorne Court
P66407 - Bridge,
Cropthorne Court
P66409 - Garden
Cropthorne Court
P66408 - Tower,
St Michael's Church
P66377- St Michael's
P66379- Flower
St Michael's Church
P66381- Flower
St Michael's Church
P66383- "Annie the
 Singing Landlady"
P66386- Celebration Reed
 and Brass Band
P66297- Garden Feature,
P66299 -
Garden Sculpture,
P66300- Garden Feature,
P66301- Pond , "Stroyan"
P66303 - Path ,"Stroyan"
P66307- Ornamental
Bird Bath , "Stroyan"
P66308 - Vase, " Stroyan"
P66309 - Garden,
"Swallows Barn"
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