Wartime in the Vale 2015
Kitty Ribbons
This section is devoted to "Camp Sweeheart" Kitty Ribbons.  The "D-Day Dolls" have been given their own collection (Click here to visit it), and as there was not much in the way of informal dancing this year, the few photographs I have of that can be found in the "Around the Venue" section. 
Unfortunately, circumstances meant that I was unable to photograph Ruby Lamont this time around (photographs of her are available in the 2013 and 2014 collections). 
P67913 - Kitty Ribbons
P67914 - Kitty Ribbons
P67917 - Kitty Ribbons
P67918 - Kitty Ribbons
P67919 - Kitty Ribbons
P67920 - Kitty Ribbons
P67921 - Kitty Ribbons
P67926 - Kitty Ribbons
P67929 - Kitty Ribbons
P67932 - Kitty Ribbons
P67968 - Kitty Ribbons
P67971 - Kitty Ribbons
P67976 - Kitty Ribbons
P67978 - Kitty Ribbons
P67982 - Kitty Ribbons
P67986 - Kitty Ribbons
P67987 - Kitty Ribbons
P67992 - Kitty Ribbons
P67995 - Kitty Ribbons
P68493 - Kitty Ribbons
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Unidentified Exhibits
Kitty Ribbons
"Around the Venue"
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