Wartime in the Vale 2015
Photographs from the flypasts on the Sunday (the Saturday Lancaster flypast was canceled due to technical issues with the aircraft).   Two aircraft were involved, an Auster T7 and a De Haviland Dragon Rapide, both arriving at the same time. 
I'll admit that I don't think these are brilliant photographs, but in my defence, I don't consider myself set up to photograph aircraft; I need a longer lens than I current possess, these tend to be expensive, and I don't consider the outlay to be justified at present based on the fact that I would not require a lens of this type all that often.   I also suspect that my position was not the best one (I had considered asking about going up the tower in Ashdown Camp, but this was off-limits due to swallows nesting inside it). 
P68472 - Auster T7
P68473 - Auster T7
P68483 - Auster T7
P68447 - De Haviland
 Dragon Rapide
P68460 - De Haviland
Dragon Rapide
P68461 - De Haviland
 Dragon Rapide
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