Wartime in the Vale 2015
Unidentified Exhibits
I have not been able to identify the exhibits seen in this section, at least not to a degree of confidence that would see them in the main exhibit section.   However, I would like to try and get these identified so if any vehicle owners spot their vehicle in this section, please feel free to contact me using the "Contact" link on the photograph page of the exhibit.   I would appreciate the following information :
I will gladly supply copies of the photographs to any owner who contacts me. 
P68587- Jeep YVL 703
P67739 - Jeep YVL 702
P68437 - Jeep
P67532- Motorbike
P67534 - Motorbike
P67536 - Motorbike
P67540 - Motorbike
P67544 - Motorbike
P67602 - Foden
P67789 - Land Rover
 (68 KF 18)
P68151- Land Rover
(18 FK 19)
P68172- Land Rover
 (64 KJ 52)
P68180- Land Rover
 (97 BP 56)
P68573 - Land Rover
(BDN 369C)
P68419 - Dodge
Weapons Carrier
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Exhibits (1)
Exhibits (2)
Exhibits (3)
Exhibits (4)
Unidentified Exhibits
Kitty Ribbons
"Around the Venue"
wartime_in_the_vale_2015001002.gif wartime_in_the_vale_2015001001.gif wartime_in_the_vale_2015002002.gif
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