P68770 - Brass Band
P68775 - Guests of
P68778 - Iris Pinkstone
and Graham Usher
P68780 - David Snowden
P68781 - Clive Bostle
P68782 - Susan Campbell
P68785 - Nigel
Huddleston MP
P68787 - John
 Bercow MP
P68790 - John Raphael
P68791 -  Battle Flag of
Simon De Montfort
P68792 - Members of
the Worcestershire
Youth Cabinet
P68793 - Unveiling of a
Memorial Plaque
P68799 - Unveiling of a
 Memorial Plaque
P68803 -  Wreath
P68806 -  Wreath Laying
P68809 - Wreath Laying
P68810 - Memorial
and Wreaths
P68812 - Memorial
and Wreaths
P68816 - New Plaque
P68837 - Battle of
Evesham Memorial
P68844 - Parade
P68845 - Parade
P68847 - Parade
P68852 - Parade
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Battle of Evesham 750th Anniversary Commemoration Events
On the 4th August 1265, forces led by Simon De Montfort fought a battle with forces led by Prince Edward (later King Edward I) just north of Evesham.   In what could be perceived to be a major setback for democracy in England, De Montfort lost, and he was killed. I'm not going to go into too much historical detail here as I'm sure that there are people better able to do so than I can (my German associate Hans Seehase for one, who has written an article on the battle, published in issue 6/15 of "Zillo Medieval" magazine, accompanying photographs supplied by myself). 
August 2015 saw several events in Evesham commemorating the battle, and this collection is dedicated to those events.   I had no official standing on any of these events, and my involvement with these events ended with Medieval Festival section on the 9th.   The collection is (for the most part anyway) in chronological order.