Waddeston Manor
Waddeston Manor is a National Trust property in Buckinghamshire, and dates from around 1874 when the estate was bought by Ferdinard de Rothschild and the house constructed.   Bequeathed to the National Trust in 1957, it is one of the few surviving Rothschild houses in Europe.
I have made one visit to the property, in March 2016.   The collection is in a location-based order, with the locations starting to the southwest of the property, and moving in an approximately northeastern direction.  
P69722 - Looking up
the approach drive
P69732 - Tree and
P69727 - Daffodil Bank
P69717 - The Aviary
P69719 - Fountain
P69720 - Daffodils
P69779 - Waddeston
P69767 - Wine Bottle
P69778 - Carriage
P69735 - Steps
P69736 - The Parterre
P69739 - The Parterre
P69742 - The Parterre
P69747- The Parterre
P69754- The Parterre
P69755- The Parterre
P69758- The Parterre
P69762- Gilded
P69763- The Power
P69766- Stables
P69764- Gargoyle
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