Wartime in the Vale 2016
A selection of photographs from the 1st day of the event (the Saturday).   I had no official status on this year's event, and thus only attended on this one day between 10am and 4pm, and as a result this collection is not as comprehensive as those of the previous three years.  
In order to reduce the processing time of the photographs, my plan was concentrate mainly on photographing those exhibits showing their ID number, or those that I recognised from previous events.   However, this was complicated (or perhaps simplified, from another point-of view), by the event brochure only listing the first 200 military exhibits, and since I didn't think it likely I would be able to get any updates from the show's organisers, I generally ignored exhibits Green 201+ (perhaps if I hadn't, this collection might be bigger).    I didn't photograph any of the re-enactments, but did managed to photograph the Pyrotechnics display and the flypast, and managed to take a few of Kitty Ribbons (however, in "singing" mode - no clothes removal this year, I'm afraid).  
Because of the reduced quantity of photographs taken, this collection hasn't been sectioned by category, and because of the issues related above, the military exhibit photographs are somewhat biased towards those exhibits with names beginning A-M (particularly Austin Champs and Land Rovers).   The exhibits are ordered by name rather than ID (in a lot of cases I don't have the ID), and, wherever possible, I've added vehicle registrations to the description for reference purposes. 
Revised policies apply to this collection (see the "Event Notes" page).  
P71365 - Alvis FV432 
 P71518 - Alvis Scimitar
P71457 - Alvis Stalwart
P71396 - Austin Champ
P71400 - Austin Champ
 P71404 - Austin Champ
P71406 - Austin Champ
P71407 - Austin Champ
P71411 - Austin Champ
P71413 - Austin Champ
P71416 - Austin Champ
P71346 - Austin K9
P71431 - Austin K9
P71367 - Austin K9
P71334 - Austin Tilly
P71337 - Auto Union
Munga Jeep
P71451 - Autocar M2A1
P71436 - Bedford MW
P71425 - Bedford QLR
P71381 - Bedford RLHZ
P71462 - Buick M18
P71446 - Centurion
 P71347 - Chevrolet C8
P71432 - Commer TS3
P71465 - Daimler Ferret
P71442 - Dodge WC10
P71340 - Dodge WC52
 P71338 - Dodge WC56
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