Evesham Carnival 2016
Photographs from the parade through the town.   I worked at two locations: Waterside and Merstow Green, and the majority of the photographs in this collection were taken at the latter, with a few photographs from the former supplementing the collection. 
The weather was a mixture of sunshine and showers, and the route was hit by a heavy shower just prior to the procession starting.   Fortunately, the rain had cleared prior to the parade passing my Waterside location, and by the time I'd arrived at Merstow Green, the sun was shining.
The Merstow Green location worked better than the Waterside one, partly due to improved lighting conditions, and partly because I could move further back from the road to get a better angle on the floats.   That saying, I think I did better when concentrating on individuals and may take this into consideration for future events.  
I am not currently able to make any of these available for print purchase, and I would ask that any children involved in the event wishing to contact me ask an Appropriate Adult to do so on their behalf. 
evesham_carnival_2016001003.gif evesham_carnival_2016001002.gif evesham_carnival_2016001001.gif
 P71605 - Motorcycle
 P71606  - Master of
 P71607 - St Andrews
Pipe Band
 P71608 - Sea Cadets
 P71609 - Dignitaries
 P71610 - Dignitaries
 P71611 - Carnival Queen
and Attendants
 P71612  - Carnival Queen
 P71546  - Carnival Queen
 P71614  - "Gus the
 P71616 - "Cider Mill
does Rio" Float
 P71617 - "Cider Mill
does Rio" Float
 P71618 - St Richard's
First School Float
 P71619 - St Richard's
 First School Float
 P71621 - Routemaster
 P71557 - Evesham
United Supporters'
Club Van
 P71558  - Carnival
 P71622 -  De Montfort
School Float
 P71560 -  De Montfort
School Float
 P71623 -  United Dance
 Acadamy Float
 P71624 - Carnival
 P71625 - "Relay for
Life" Float
 P71626 - Carnival
 P71627 - "Race for Life"
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