Fladbury Walkabout 2016
Photographs from the first day of the event (the Saturday), and I was there from 11am until 4pm.   In hindsight, I might have been better off going on the Sunday, but my plans for the weekend had been based on an erroneous weather forecast that suggested that the Sunday weather would be worse than the Saturday (it was actually better).   As a result, I didn't get as good lighting conditions as I did when I visited in 2013, but on the upside, at least it wasn't quite so hot.  
Another reason for going on the Saturday was that there were two railtours passing through the village during the day, and I had hoped to find a suitable lineside position near the village to photograph those.  Again, in hindsight, I might have been better off ignoring the tours, as it did cut into the time available, and I didn't make a particularly good effort in recording either of them.
I photographed around two-thirds of the gardens open on the Saturday (I might have managed more if I'd not been distracted by the railtours), and this collection is ordered by garden number, with some miscellaneous items added onto the end.  
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 P71736 - Garden 3
 P71737 - Trellis,
Garden 3
 P71728 - Pond, Garden 4
 P71733 - Waterfall,
Garden 4
 P71725 - Community
P71741 - Statue,
Garden 7 
P71750 - Water Feature,
Garden 7 
P71745 - Waterfall,
Garden 7 
 P71752 - Ornament,
Garden 7
P71758 - Trellis,
Garden 8 
P71778 - Ornament,
Garden 9 
P71780 - Garden 9 
 P71781 - Garden 9
 P71782 - Statue,
Garden 9
P71789 - Bird Ornaments,
 Garden 9 
 P71768 - Statue,
Garden 11
 P71770 - Garden 11
 P71772 - Garden 12
P71787 - Garden 13 
P71790 - Ornament,
Garden 13
P71791 -  Ornamental
 Vase, Garden 13
P71793 - Garden 14
P71796 - Garden 14
P71797 - Garden 14
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