Woodchester Park
This is a National Trust Property located in a valley in Gloucestershire, just south of Stroud.    The parkland dates from the 18th Century, and contains an unfinished Victorian mansion, although this building is not actually owned by the trust.   There is no actual admission fee to get into the park, but a charge is made for using the car park at the access point to the property (not applicable to members). 
 P72684 - Woodchester
 P72643 - Woodchester
P72645 - Woodchester
P72650 - Woodchester
P72651 - Woodchester
P72652 - Woodchester
P72654 - Woodchester
P72658 - The Boat
P72674 - The Boat
P72656 - Middle Pond
P72661 - Middle Pond
P72670 - Tree
P72669 - Path
P72664 - Gate
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